Sugar and Pumpkin Spice, and Everything Nice.

I’ve taken an extra long weekend this, uh,  weekend.

Poor Sprinkles cracked a tooth and had to have surgery to extract it. So I stayed home Thursday and today to look after her. She’s totally fine. It also happens to be my birthday weekend! Huzzah! So I’m currently listening to 90’s CanCon and drinking pumpkin spiced whisky. Guys, I think we’ve pumpkin spiced everything now. Apparently there is pumpkin spice rawhide bones for dogs. We’ve gone too far. We’ve gone way too far.

I, of course, wasn’t looking for pumpkin spice whisky. I was actually looking for a maple whisky that I had bought last year, but the LCBO discontinued selling it, jerks. It was called Tap 357, and it was so good. I think at one point i was drinking it straight from the bottle, cos I’m classy like that. Anyhoo, the only bottles left are in Woodbridge, or somewhere called Warsaw, which has a 705 area code, so might as well be in Poland. Sad times.

So pumpkin spiced whisky it was! It mostly tastes like candy, and burning. It’s perfect for the cold weather. I know everyone except for me is miserable that it’s now October. But I love October! I can wear scarves again, and layers, and hats, and socks! I’m not sweaty. The leaves turn, and the air smells so good. Also it’s my birthday. There’s a long weekend that sometimes includes a really good pie. Also apple pies and apple picking, and apples. Oh and hot chocolates and furry blankets! And best of all hallowe’en, the greatest of all the commercialised holidays!

I also bought some decorative gourds.
I am fully seasonally prepared. And a little drunk.

Now if only a new Game of Thrones book and/or season would come out.

Happy Friday!




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