7 responses to “I’m scared for my city, and my back-up plan is on fire.

  1. Mike McCann

    Great job, Maggie – I simply can’t envision a scenario where this triggers an epiphany in the brothers Ford and Mammoliti, but it might just get the mushy middle on City Council to think long and hard about where they align themselves…

    Mike McCann (the guy the Star quoted indirectly this week about Mammoliti deleting dissenting opinions on his newly-created Facebook group)

    • kissmycupcake

      Thanks Mike!

      I’m looking forward to the responses from various council members (hopefully), though so far I’ve only gotten two canned auto-responses.

  2. I can understand your fear for our city. I don’t ride a bike but I do use the TTC. I am all about balancing the books, but not at the cost of social services.

    I am a Torontian. Born here, as was my father, grandfather and great grandfather. Two of these men laid the ground work to help make this city a great place. They beleived in and loved there city., I do too, but right now I am very scared for the future, for my daughter and what is to come ahead for the city. Ford currently is not futuristic. Mayor Ford is about the now. My dreams and fears lie in what is yet to come. This post is perfect and i pray it does not fall on deaf ears. Make it a open letter to the Editor as well at the Star.

  3. Orla

    Excellent piece! And to increase the chance of a non-canned response, I suggest that you get out and meet your politicians. I now have them calling me personally to follow up. Okay, just once so far but dang I felt important for a small moment until I realized he was just politicking. Then I wanted to barf – but it was worth it.

    • kissmycupcake

      hah hah hah Orla! yes, i’ve been quite enjoying your civic engagement via the interwebs! so far i received one very nice, non-canned reply from Gloria Lindsay Luby (Etobicoke Centre, Ward 4). so i’m pretty happy about that. Incidentally Mammo’s auto-reply is really nicely worded, and makes him seem like a human with – what’s the word – oh, a soul. very strange.

  4. maggggie you are awesome!! how did i NOT know you have a blog?! well, i am followin it now! (hooray for blogger!) 🙂 anyway, it’s lindsay. come by and see my blog of stuff too – we should think about collaborating on the cupcakes, unicorns, and polaroids one of these days…

    in addition, you are AMAZING for posting such an awesome f-you to ford-opolous…highfive. 🙂

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