Times they are a-changing!

So first off I’d like to say: I GOT HIT BY A CAR.  I make it sound much more dramatic than it actually is, but:





Who does that?  Apparently people who drive ugly, old, light blue minivans at Yonge and Dundas, that’s who.  Even the dude in the Day-Glo (apparently a proper noun, thanks spell-check) yellow “FEAR GOD” T-shirt let out some gasps and expletives when the wing mirror smacked into my arm.  FROM BEHIND.  I was completely unscathed, just completely scathing. Especially cos the dude just drove off.  And did I mention buddy came FROM BEHIND, FROM A STOP, because it was a RED LIGHT? I wasn’t even moving yet.

So yeah, I got hit by a car.  I’m totally fine.

New thing number two:  Enter the Solo Living Project.

Come July, the fabulous Miss Brooks is flying the nest like all others before her (“farewell Derrick”, though you remain on my fridge, and “au revoir Dave”, large cans of ice tea will always remind me of you). It’s bittersweet.  Bitter because she was a good roomie, and I shall miss hearing snippets of Jersey Shore waft into my bedroom from her computer.  Sweet because we’ll both be embarking on living alone for the first time EVAH.  As in, clothes are now extra optional.  Also, WHY HELLO THERE EXTRA BEDROOM!

Another bittersweet point is that I will be TOTALLY BROKE.  Most would take that as just plain old bitter.  But not I, no, I’m looking at it as a opportunity to be financially savvy.  And by that I mean, SPEND NO MONEY.  Basically I’m making an exceptionally financially irresponsible decision (spending about 57% of my not particularly spectacular net income on rent) in an attempt to learn some financial responsibility, and well, live alone in my awesome apartment.  People, this place is a gem, and I’m clinging to it as long as I can.

Does this plan sound completely counter intuitive?  Hells yes it dos!  But since when have I ever made any sense?  Exactly.

(Side note and obvious plug:  Do you LOVE baked goods?  YOU DO?  Buy some from me!  Supplement my income!  It’s the most delicious act of charity!)

I have been in the lucky position of having exceptionally low fixed living costs ever since graduating from university and returning to Canada, leaving me with a large chunk of disposable income.  I’m also pretty good with money generally.  Even though I have never earned very much, I have spent it wisely and saved.  My biggest attempts at budgeting up until now have always been along the lines of “buy less dresses”, and not much else.  So now that I have very limited flexible costs, and very high fixed costs I actually have to budget and pay attention to where every single dollar is spent.  This will be exceptionally good for me.  And it will hopefully get me into frugal habits that will continue even when I’m not so broke, so that I can have mad saving skillz. Ah savings, you mythical creature you!

I’m pretty transparent when it comes to my income and expenses (I was not born with the income discretion gene most were), so I MIGHT end up posting my monthly budgets on to this ol’ blog here, because I always think it’s handy to see how people live the way they do.  Regardless of whether I do or don’t, www.mint.com is an exceptional financial tool, which I have started using properly finally, I highly recommend it.  Basically, I just really love pie charts.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited to start off my solo living project, especially as it will be summer.  I feel summer is probably the best season to start living alone.  More sunshine, more warm breezes, more basil plants I can in inevitably murder.  I have a few financially feasible redecorating projects to look forward to, and generally just blissful visions of a summer filled with catching up on all my reading, and napping.  Both free!


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