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Who let the dogs out? No one, they aren’t home. And they suck.

I know we all hate our phone companies, but today I sent this gem to Fido. I’m hoping for something good, or at least witty, in return.

Dear Fido,

Your phone-based customer service is good. Your store-based customer service is better.

But your website is a complete pile of broken-down, frustration-inducing crap. I have now been locked out of my account because your system is not working correctly.

I just wanted to review and pay my bill. If I am to take the bahviour of your website as any indication of your company’s wishes, you would clearly prefer me not to pay my bill. Thanks Fido, for picking up my tab! That’s super sweet of you!

In fact I would hazard a guess that 80% of the time I visit it is not functioning correctly. I understand that creating and maintaining a functional website is a complicated process, but you guys are not even close. Please for the love of technology, fix the website. It’s constantly crashing. Constantly timing out. And now, it seems to be locking me out of my account AND refusing to reset my password.


I look forward to your response.

It would also be awesome if I could receive some sort of compensation for the almost two years I have had to put up with this time suck in my attempt to save trees and receive all statements online (which I’d like to point out saves you postage, ink and paper – we all SHOULD win, so why do I feel like a constant loser?).

Sincerely – just trying to pay my bill, without gauging my eyes out – yours,

maggie blahdidiblahy



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