Reason #614 I’m A Girl: Shoes – A Brief History

So I have a problem.

A shoe problem.

I have a lot of shoes.

Too many? Probably.

As a teenager I never really saw myself as girl with a shoe problem. But it turns out I was just delusional. I may not have owned many shoes, but I had a distinct taste in shoes, mainly Spice Girls-esque platform shoes. I slowly graduated from lime green Baby Spice Platforms to more Scary Spice grungy Swear shoes.

Yes, I owned and wore these beauties in the 90’s.

I also owned much less frightening, and at the time “indie cool” (yeah I just used that term… BARF!), Airwalks, you know the ones. On top of those I managed to acquire two pairs of hooker boots one Boxing Day: White and silver Go Go’s and a more sultry, auburn, leather pair.

When my Swear shoes died a horrible death in first year university (I was returning to my dorm after dropping a good friend off at the train station and the sole caught on a cobblestone and ripped off, propelling me face first down the street, it was of course raining) I had to find new shoes, and fast. So I ordered a pair of baby blue lace-up Vans off the interwebs.

It was my first foray into buying crap off the interwebs. Hoo-boy! My discovery of online shoe retailers plus the awesome shoe store in my University town led me down the primrose path of shoes, and I mean that in the excessively luxurious sense, not the deceptive trickery sense.

Glorious, glorious shoes!

I am a little quirky with my taste in shoes. So when I fancied up and became a real girl, it’s not too surprising that my affordable yet fancy shoe brand of choice was Irregular Choice. I own a shit tonne of these shoes (see below for SOME examples, that’s right just some). Last time I visited my friends in London I came home with three new pairs, plus a forth non Irregular Choice pair.

So my friends, here are some of my shoes! Wonderful aren’t they?

I admit, I probably have a problem, but come on, these are just too awesome to pass up!

Annnd these wonderful beauties, in spite of my roomie’s well-meaning concern, will be arriving shortly!

Although my love for 4inch heels is great, there are few things better then glamming it up in some pouffy dress with a pair of converse.

A girl’s gotta dance, right?



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3 responses to “Reason #614 I’m A Girl: Shoes – A Brief History

  1. Lauren

    I’m more concerned that you have ready access photos of your shoe wardrobe.

  2. devin

    i love love love the new ones… i’m a shoe freak too but i can’t wear heels! but i buy them nonetheless. lol

  3. Haha, well when you were like, “Buying these shoes is cheaper than flying to London” I thought to myself, “Surely that can’t be a justified reason for getting them?”

    It was! Haha. I support you and your shoes. Always & forever.

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