Black Holes and Revelations

It’s almost my birthday!

In less than a week I’ll be 25. It’s kind of a scary age I guess. It’s the kind of age that makes you think what you want in life, and where you want to go. The age that makes you reflect on the year that passed, what you have learned, what things you have gained, what things you have lost, and the new perspective you have acquired as a result. Discovering new hopes and expectations.

I like to learn. So I constantly try to take away good things and helpful lessons from all my experiences, good or bad, whether it be to check the TTC token slots for lost treasures, a new way to perfect my  buttercream, or simply just realising that everything is ok. This past year has been exceptionally awesome, and extremely difficult, in all aspects of my life. Friends. Family. Love. Work.

Thank you all for teaching me.

I have most certainly learned a lot.

Bring it on 25!


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One response to “Black Holes and Revelations

  1. Lauren

    25 is awesome! and scary as hell. its the fence age before you’re pushed into the other half of your 20s.

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