I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more!

Oh God, it’s happened again. I have found some new Facebook app. to be addicted to.

First it was PackRat. My friend Alex and I would stay up late into the night plotting and trading and scouring the markets together. We did this FOR WEEKS. Seriously. Weeks. We’d stay up til 3am playing this game. Collecting cards. Luckily it was March, so it’s not like we were missing out on nice weather or anything…

Then it was Bejewelled. I just wanted to beat all my friends’ scores. Those sparkly little gems were so enticing. And the sound effects! Oh, bliss!

And now it’s Farmville.


My farm is hella cute. Or it was, now I’m just trying to sow enough oats to buy a barn. Once I get the barn I’ll cutes it up again. But I suspect once I buy a barn, I’ll want that sweet little cottage.

Oh dear, it’s clearly too late! I’m a  goner!



But only after you become my Farmville friend please.



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2 responses to “I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more!

  1. alex

    ohhhh yeah. you are fantastic not only because you remember the delights of packrat fests, but also because you proudly advertise you beautiful new farm.

    ps: you should update that screenshot, your farm is much prettier now.

  2. ailsa

    Do you remember harolds flipping game and how that nearly took over your degree?! Have you learnt nothing mags?! Pah ha ha! xxx

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