Sick, Sick, Sick

Finally, after a week of hanging around with my coughing, hoarking friend Emily, I caught her cold. That, or the Gods of Swine Flu did not like me mocking their fancy new virus. So, I’m taking a sick day.

Normally I drag myself into work, sneeze and snivel all over my keyboard, and then wince my way home again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Around day three my boss, eyes creased with disgust, sends me home. So far my new tactic, not going to work the day I get sick, is working out rather well.

I slept in, read my national geographic, I even made a trip to Steven’s Variety for gingerale. Now I’m watching the awesomeness that is daytime television!

It’s fat people day on Oprah. Kristie Alley was on, lamenting her weight gain in an hilarious fashion. Oprah asked her about all her fitness equipment that she kept in her living/dining room. And Kristie retorted with how she turned it into a dining room, cos you know, she hasn’t had enough dinner parties. Oh Kristie! Now there’s this guy on who weighed 1100 pounds. The side of his house had to be removed and he was lifted out with a forklift and delivered to a hospital.

I would like that to NOT happen to me.

And now Dr. Phil is on. He’s teaching wayward teens that error of their ways by introducing them to death row murderers at San Quenton. Fabulous!

Tonight, I plan on lying in bed with my laptop, watching the Film Noir films I rented from Queen Video.

Best sick day ever. I’m feeling better already!


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