Lazy Sunbathers: nxne round-up, two weeks too late!

So, I was gonna do a snappy round up of all the awesome and craptastic bands I saw throughout NXNE, but I went on holiday instead. This round up is coming a wee bit late. But good bands were seen, and in the two weeks I didn’t write this I did actually manage to get some semblance of a tan, so yeah.

Also, just so alls y’all know, NXNE by bicycle is the best way to go my friends. My timing has never been more perfect. I managed to arrive seconds before each band’s first song. Usually I hit the festival  on foot, and I’m lucky if I get to the next venue in time for the third song. So bike people, it’s good times. You may even be lucky enough for some drunk dude to stumble out of the Brunnie and say “That’s a nice bike baby, but you look more fun to ride!” Grand.

My NXNE Schedule went a little something like this.


Arizona @ the Boat

They were fun. They had some good stage banter, and big curly dude-hair. The songs weren’t particularily memorable, but I stayed for their entire set.

The Details @ The Riv

They were really good. From Winnipeg, and you could hear that Weakerthans twang in them.

Kittens Ablaze @ The Riv

Thursday’s highlite for sure. I liked them! They’re from New York and include a saucy little cellist! So I bought their cd. I will also be marrying their guitarist.

Les Handclaps @ The Boat

French and funny. What they lacked in musicality they made up for in pure dance dance enthusiasm.


Nothing of note. I didn’t get in to see the band I wanted to (Matt and Kim). So it went downhill from there. Though I did meet up with some friends at the Rivoli, the bands playing there made me die inside a little bit. Lamesauce.


BEST NIGHT by far! I dragged my friend and ex-roomie Dave out, and every band we saw was awesome!

Will Currie and the Country French @ The Reverb

Super fun! That band has many people in it. Including the token girl, who didn’t really do so much. And I am a little in love with their drummer, my new husband (I just think he’s cute as a button!). Dave bought their album, and in true music publisher fashion, I stole it and ripped it on to my ipod, then returned it. Good stuff.

By Divine Right @ Whippersnapper

Who doesn’t wanna be back in the 90’s?!?!? Exactly!

C’mon @ Lee’s

C’mon was the best hands down. They rocked so hard, my face actually melted right off. Seriously it is still in a sticky puddle on the floor of Lee’s Palace. Dude looked like ZZ Top, the bassist was his hot wife, and the drummer was relentless. Amazing. Seriously. Best Show EVER.

Hot Panda @ The Horseshoe

I saw Hot panda 2 years ago at Sneaky Dee’s, and they kinda sucked. They looked and sounded like spotty little kids. But having said that, they have improved quite substantially over those two years, and sound good these days. Yay x 100 for them!

The Lovely Feathers @ The Horseshoe

I was mostly distracted by my unquenching desire for ice cream. So I don’t really rememebr much. Also, Dave and I were hella tired, so we headed home, well to Dominion for some 3am grocery shopping. Toilet paper, toothpaste, Rainbow Chip cookies: the grocery list of champions!

And thus ended what I can piece together of NXNE.

A good time was had by all!


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