Music is my Boyfriend: nxne day one

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Every June  the North by North East music festival comes to town and Toronto is over-run with dirty facial hair, skinny jeans, open bars, and stellar music. There is a lot of good stuff this year. So I am pretty pumped. For each hour time slot between 8pm-2am for the next 3 days, I have an average of 4 bands I want to see. Clearly I need to whittle that down a wee bit. Or borrow Dumbldore’s time travel pendant thingy.

I’m really digging on dancey-happy-poppy-punky stuff right now, so tonight I am skipping my Creative Writing class to go see Jaguar Love and the The Plastiscines at the Mod Club. Funtimes!

Jaguar Love:

(bio care of nxne)

Indie pop with a edge – think Billy Talent crossed with Ting Tings, from Portland, OR. The Guardian describes singer Johnny Whitney’s vocals as “Robert Plant on steroids, or Perry Farrell after a sex change.” They’ve toured internationally, hitting major festivals in Europe last year.

The Plastiscines:

(bio care of nxne)

All-female 4-piece from France who sound like a cool combo of Blondie, the Ramones, and the Slits, with a bit of saucy pop tossed in. They’ve got a new album out, they’ve got attitude, and they’ve got beaucoup des garcons in the front row at their shows.

Tomorrow night I hope to hit up the Manitoba Music BBQ and hopefully most of these shows (this is my slimmed down list).

Chang a lang Silver Dollar Room 8PM
Share Clinton’s 8PM
Arizona The Boat 9PM
Boys Who Say No Clinton’s 9PM
The Details Rivoli 10PM
Sleepless Nights Clinton’s 10PM
Ume Neutral Lounge 10PM
Whale Tooth The Boat 10PM
Armies of You Hideout 11PM
Built By Snow The Boat 11PM
Kittens Ablaze Rivoli 11PM
Natalie Portman’s Shaved… El Mocambo (Down) 11PM
The Vibrants El Mocambo (Up) 11PM
Amos The Transparent The Drake Hotel (Underground) 12AM
Les Handclaps The Boat 12AM
Parlour Steps Cameron House 12AM
Arkweld Rivoli 1AM
Grand Theft Bus Clinton’s 1AM
Oh No Not Stereo Hideout 2AM

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  1. Hope you’re enjoying all of the NXNE festivities
    Check out AUXTV for all the coverage!!–and–City-Sonic/

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